Taking Life in the UK Test

Arrival to Life in the UK Test Centre

On arrival to the test centre after your documents and ID checking, you will be assigned a computer where you can log in to the test site. There will be a supervisor who will guide you along the test. The computer based test that you will be given will comprise of 24 questions formulated from 3rd edition ‘Life in the UK third edition 2013: A Guide for New Residents which is the only official handbook for the test. The study material for the test is available free on many sites and few sites offer good practice tests as well. You will be provided 45 minutes to complete the questions and rechecking the answers before finishing. For people having some medical conditions, can be provided with more time but they would have to inform about their condition before hand.

Types of Questions In Life in the UK Test

Three will be different types of questions in the Life in the UK test;

  • The multiple choice question- with only one of the choices being correct.
  • Questions with multiple answers- with more than one choices being correct and the candidate would have to identify all the correct choices
  • The TRUE or FALSE question

The major portion of the test will ask you about life in the UK in general as described in the handbook but a few questions will ask you about the part of the UK you live in; England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. You can also do a sample practice test at your test centre before you take the Life in the UK Test.

Computer Help for preparing Life in the UK Test

If you do not have computer at home and,

  • You live in England, contact UK online for details of local centres providing computer and internet access.
  • You live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, most local libraries offer free or low-cost computer and internet access.

ID requirements at Life in the UK Test Centre

If you fail to bring your ID and proof of address to the test centre that you mentioned while registration, you may not be allowed to take the test and your fee would not be refunded as well.